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The mission of PAG-ASA is framed in the context of the ministerial circular letters of July 7th 1994, January 13th 1997 and April 17th 2003

The objective of PAG-ASA is two-fold: providing humanitarian assistance to victims and cooperate in the combat against exploitation networks.  In order to achieve this goal PAG-ASA organises activities situated on 2 levels.


PAG-ASA organises  legal- administrative and psycho-social assistance.

For the team of Pag-Asa, the assistance aims to support the victim in all aspects of the problem in which he or she is living, in all areas of life.  When necessary, we work with specialised services for every section of the assistance.
During the assistance, a lot of attention is paid to the general well-being of the victim.  Three aspects are principally tackled: supporting the victims to overcome the situation which they have experienced in the past and the trauma that they have suffered, guide them to take charge of their present life in an optimal way, and develop a realistic plan for their future with them.  It is little by little that these dimensions can be tackled in regular interviews throughout the period of counselling assistance.


In certain cases, victims can only be helped at the beginning by offering them steady accommodation.  This is the role of the Pag-Asa's shelter house, where 16 people can be lodged.

Other victims decide to start an independent life again. Also in this case, a large number of initiatives are implemented in order to materialise this plan: to search for an apartment and to fit it out, to get used to a new rhythm of life, to organise their day... The social assistant, of the counselling service, and the victim have a lot of things to resolve together. . If necessary, and if the victim in question wishes it, the person from the escort provision team can help to find solutions to all kinds of practical problems in organising everyday life.(budget control, insurance …)

A specific part of the assistance consists of supporting the victim with regard to the law.  Initially, this assistance is with the police service, lawyers, Belgian legal system Aliens Office, prosecutor’s office... All of these procedures are difficult to access for the victim and so complex that an assistance is totally necessary.  


PAG-ASA also has an information and sensitisation mission.
Especially provide information to organisations in the social sector, to the police and judicial services of the existing legal recourses so as to ensure humanitarian assistance to the victims receives the highest priority.  During the year several activities are organised, geared towards individual assistance as well as towards organised approach.

Photography by Elke Roelant